Combining the latest marketing technology services and related platform resources, we provide the most suitable technology and platform application models for your marketing activities.

Our Services

Online System

Website and micro-site construction|WeChat public account development|Online information registration|Mini program development|Registration, ticket payment|Online invoice|Invitation letter production

Digital Registration

ipad registration|QR code registration|RFID registration|Bracelet registration|Gateway registration|ID card registration|Onsite registration

Live Interaction

WeChat Wall|3D Interactive Wall|Raffle (Shake/Scroll)|Vote/Survey|Reward|ibeacon Interactive|Wishing Tree

Event Organization

Event site map navigation|Event sales system|Online event|Event service manual|Business match making system|Event CRM

Manpower and Customer Service

Call Center|E-mail/SMS Mass Sending|Customer Service Call|Foreign Affairs Visa Invitation|Business Consultation|Translation and Interpretation|Temporary Staff

Intelligent Event

Live event | Pick-up and drop-off management |
Intelligent room allocation|Itinerary management|Event information management|Quota management|Luggage management