Professional Sales and Marketing Consultant and Plan Service

WeMarketer provides one-stop sales and marketing consulting and plan services incl. sales and marketing strategy, business development, channel establishment etc. We strive to provide one-stop brand and product marketing services for industry partners and corporate customers, and are a reliable marketing service provider for industry partners and corporate customers. From strategy to tactics, from execution to operation, WeMarketer is tailor-made for industry partners and growing companies. Through butler-style services and deep binding, WeMarketer accompanies partners/corporate customers to grow together and quickly have the successful business achievement.  


Including: marketing strategy formulation, product marketing, marketing team building, sales policy formulation, distribution system building, channel building, price system building, investment planning, new project/product launch planning, project/product planning, market positioning and marketing diagnosis, etc. 


Including: channel research, online and offline channel selection, marketing plan formulation and execution plan for each channel, etc.


Including: advertising effect evaluation, direct selling effect evaluation, online marketing effect evaluation, etc.


Including: diagnosis of marketing team human resources, formulation of marketing performance system, marketing team skill training, marketing team culture construction, etc.