Relying on a professional communication consultant team and rich media writer resources, we provide industry partners and corporate customers with one-stop content solutions and services including Chinese and English news content planning, release scheduling, drawing and manuscript writing, multimedia news video shooting, production, etc. 

Professional content planning and production team

Faced with different target markets at home and abroad, do you face the following problems when planning and producing marketing content throughout the year :

  • How to build an effective marketing strategy for target customers?
  • How to understand the focus of target customers?
  • How to create and publish marketing content more effectively?
  • How to capture marketing hotspots and enhance the value of marketing content?
  • How to produce differentiated marketing stories?
  • How to conduct cross-cultural marketing to overseas audiences?
  • How to write professional and effective marketing copy?

In response to the above challenges, based on the annual marketing plan and stage marketing needs of partners and corporate customers, the WeMarketer content planning and execution team provides customized and integrated marketing strategies and scheduling plans to provide partners and corporate customers with value and systematic Integrated marketing.

Planning and scheduling

WeMarketer is a professional content planning and execution team serving domestic customers. Most of its members have overseas study background or marketing industry experience, rich experience in serving customers, and a deep understanding of the marketing needs of partners.

Marketing strategy analysis

Conduct industry and audience analysis with partners and corporate customers. Set schedules based on marketing positioning and plans, express the extended value of marketing products in a differentiated manner, and generate interest relationships with target customers, the media, the public, and the value points of the industry.

Systematical content production

We assist our partners and corporate customers to systematically build an original and time-sensitive marketing communication content system, based on the existing marketing content of partners and corporate customers as well as the industry, competing products, etc., analyze and sort out, plan and schedule, and comprehensively formulate marketing Data such as the rhythm and frequency of dissemination are quantified and released to achieve direct penetration of the target audience.

Real-time hot topic grasp

WeMarketer’s content planning and execution team integrates real-time industry concerns and topic selection plans to provide hot references for content production.

Content enhancement and optimization

Aiming at the specific goals and groups of partners and corporate customers, combining the characteristics of different marketing channels, matching different content angles, as well as presentation forms such as graphics, text, and multimedia videos, optimize core keywords and big data tags, and promote the selection of various channels. Enhance the display of long-tail value on the search side.

Evaluation and Adjustment

With the help of domestic and overseas marketing monitoring platforms that cooperate with third parties, we can timely grasp the effects of marketing channels, penetrate the overall situation of the company’s annual marketing, and adjust the marketing rhythm and strategies in time to achieve the optimal marketing goals.